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erythromycin and fry

Susan.C.Jorgensen@Dartmouth.EDU (Susan C. Jorgensen)
wrote: <<<<Subject: erythromycin and fry
I have a 10g with a pair of borellis (thanks again, GK ! ) and about a dozen
wk old fry.  The tank has a blue-green algae scourge that I can't get rid

Is it safe to give it a dose of erythromycin, or will that hurt the babies?
the algae section of the Krib it suggests dosing with 200 mg/10 gals but I
haven't been able to find any info regarding the effect on fry.

I also have a 20g with moss that's slightly tinged with it, and I'd like to
that one in the bud.  (4 adults there, no babies)>>>>>>

Besides the concerns with improper use of antibiotics (bacterial
resistance, toxicity, etc.), you may want to consider that a sudden die-off
of bacterial organisms may in theory cause an overlead of pollutants.
If you make regular 40-50% water changes every other day, which are
anyhow beneficial to the fish, the problem will most likely go away within
a few weeks.

Dionigi Maladorno
This message presents personal opinions which are not necessarily those
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