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I am posting this email from critters@sdc.org because I believe it is of 
interest to many of us on this list.  I don't know Mr Schwiegerath, but if he 
can get quantities of Russian BSEs, then that would save folks on this list a 
significant chunk of change as well.

Bob Dixon

Hello from HOT Socorro, NM ,

I wish to contact the fellow (sorry don't know his (your)  name)
who was the final auctioneer at the Tampa Convention.  He (you)
approached me in reference to Russian Brine Shrimp Eggs as I was
about to leave for the airport the Monday after the convention. I
asked him (you) to e-mail me.  To date I have not heard from you.

My interest is with supplying BSEs to fellow AKAers.  I have
recently gotten a number desperate  inquiries since I used to
offer Great Salt Lake BSEs and would be willing cough the $$$s
for case quantities if a good reliable source can be found.


Bob Schwiegerath
Socorro, NM

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