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Re: Tea bags

Some teas have tannic acid in them but they also have a lot of alkaloids, phenolics, catechins etc. etc.  There are literally hundreds of natural chemicals in teas and coffees.  They may taste good to us but any one of them can easily kill a little fish.  Try it with a sacrificial guppy first, if you must.  The caffeine may overstimulate their little hearts to a stop.  Even de-caf products have some caffeine in them.  There are safer methods of getting tannic acid into your tanks...like peat! :-)  Also, peat has other beneficial components than just tannic acid. 
Hello everyone
Its been quiet lately must be all the new fish from the convention??? Anyone ever heard of putting tea bags in your tanks to add tannins to the water? Seems like it would work? The wife would like that better than boiling peat in the kitchen. Anybody ever done this?
Thanks Steve