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Re: RO Units

I use one of the cheap 10 GPD RO units.  It actually gives me more than 10 Gals
per day.  I have about 30 tanks and it is actually plenty.  I am on my 4th
membrane in 3 years.   At 79 dollars I find it hard to believe someone who wants
one cannot find the dinero.  That fish place if you can't find anyplace else.
The replacement membrane is about 40 bucks I think.  I know some people use rain
water instead.  That's pretty cheap and cleaner than the acid-rain-scare-tactic
folks claim.

Actually I plan to get a bigger unit when the membrane goes again and I do feel a
bit of guilt about the waste water - but my fish don't.  I would like to hear
about folks experience with deionizers but most people I have talked to say they
are not worth the trouble.  Rebuttal?

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