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Re: RO Units

Raymond writes:

> Doesn't peat soften the water in hard water areas? or how does the 
>  of that work? 

Yes.  It adsorbs calium and magnesium, as well as releasing tannic acid and 
other humins which react with the carbonate to convert it to CO2 and water.

acutally i live in an area with very very soft water so i 
>  haven't looked into RO filters.. but a friend (someone also on this list) 
>  recently moved to another area which has very hard water and he purchased 
>  ro filter..?

>am i missing the point here? could someone please explain to me?

Peat works S-L-O-W.  If your water is more than 7 or 8 degrees KH or GH, it 
is a very slow process.  RO and DI are both much faster.

Bob Dixon

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