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Fishroom Record Keeping

This is an very import task in our fishrooms that most of us either don't do well or not at all.  I have been asked to consider writting an article on fishroom record keeping.  I think it would be a useful subject so I'd like your help researching this topic.  

Please send me your comments, thoughts or examples on this topic.  I will then consolodate the informaiton into a summary article.  My schedule is pretty tight right now, so it may take a few months.  But I think it's a great winter reading topic anyway!

Here's my quick list of items I think should be included.  Please feel free to add more if I missed any.

Information on the fish (scientific name, appearance, etc.) do you include.
Information on the seller or LFS were the fish or fishes were originally from.
How do you note multiple sources (or do you bother).
Maintenence data (water, plants, food, etc.
Breeding data (basic BAP data, techniques, etc.)?
Hatching and rearing information.
Stud book (what is a stud book, what does it contain & how do you it.)
Buyer records, who you sold to, what fish and when.
Show results.

Thanks for your input.


Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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