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Re: testing?

Hello All

Ok I've got a question for you all.   Does pH really hinder some species
from spawning or does it trigger them to spawn all the time?   

Here's my dilemma.   A friend ( Joe Hildreth) came over lately and
wanted to test my water in some of my aggie tanks, as he was having a
problem getting his to spawn where as mine spawn like convicts.    When
we did a pH test of a couple of my tanks, we found pH range of 4.5 to
5.0.   I hadn't realized my water pH was that low in some of my tanks,
so we tested my tap water pH and found it to be a pH of 6.0 and <1
degree carbonate hardness and <1 degree general hardness.   My question
is, Is this too soft?  And would the low pH hurt my fish.   So far from
general observations, the pH doesnt seem to affect my fish, some really
seem to love it.   

I guess i just was curious if anyone out there has similar experiences
with water conditions.  I think i need to some crushed coral to one of
my next Cacatuoides grow out tanks, as i have one tank that looks to
appear like im gonna have over 70 females and not too many males..   


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