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RE: RO against Seradest

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> From:	David A. Youngker [SMTP:nestor10@mindspring.com]
> > >Two questions:
> > >1. How quickly are these concentration shifts taking place?...
> > One afternoon (about 100 liters tanks (1m*0.5, 30cm height),
> > about 35l water changed) [JMS]
> The change in osmotic differential may be a little quick for the Rams. Try
> two 20-liter changes across two afternoons. Add the softer water
> gradually,
> as with an air line siphon to drain the fresh water into the tank. It'll
> soften the blow a little.
	I used an air line siphon but will split this in 2 days.[JMS]  

> I would monitor what's occurring in the tank _as you make the change_ and
> for a couple of hours afterward just to keep an eye on the stability. Even
	what specificaly would you monitor ? [JMS]  

> To _that_ end,
> it's also more effective to also have your fresh change water peat
> filtered
> in a reservoir outside of the tank. That way, you aren't removing the
> nitrogen compounds and having to sit back and wait for them to be replaced
> by a build-up of humics.
	never though to do that, not a silly idea at all.
	Not sure my wife will appreciate though ;))))))) (I have a battery
of 6 tanks ;))))))) )[JMS]  

> One drawback to this is the use of peat from standard aquarium sources
> like
> Fluval. Once processed for the filter for consistent texture, etc., there
> are a great deal of useful humics removed. Why? Because a lot of people
> that
> want the chemical effects of peat don't like the accompanying "visual"
> effect of staining the water. Little do they know...
	Yellowish is fine for me too.
	I saw 'granulated" peat. Any comment on this "granulation" ?[JMS]  

> If you're worried about using the peat itself, take a look at
> http://www.mindspring.com/~nestor10/trials/peat_trials.htm . It's a page I
> threw on the site a little over a year ago to outline an intended study
> project in the hopes of better illustrating the "generalities" of peat
> filtration. Unfortunately, my private life hasn't yet afforded the
> opportunity for the full run...
	I know what you mean.....
	Time is tight or so Booker T&the MGs used to sing ;))))

	Great post, thanx ![JMS]  

> -Y-

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