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I can't believe what I see.

Hi all,
Back to dwarf cichlids at last. Can we vote people of the Island?
Here is a little story for you to start with:
I 've got a trio of D.maculatus half a year ago.They were about 1-1 1/2"
when I bought them.
The male died a month later (I'm still kicking myself for feeding the poor
chap some Bloodworms). The two remaining  females never had any fry or
spawned with the croaked male to my knowledge.
I noticed lately that one of the females started to grow a bit bigger than
the other.The fins and the face are starting to color up.The fish starts to
look more and more like a D.maculatus male.The ventral fins grew longer and
show a little blue and red.The caudal has a striped pattern and a more spade
like shape to it.Is there truth to the story at
or is this just another sneaker male?
I'm documenting his/her development with pictures.He/she is now 1/2" bigger
than the other female.Same tank, same died. I know that this was discussed
before on this list but I like to bring it up again because it seems to
happen in my own tank.

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