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RE: Borelii 'yellow point' spawn

	> 1. can a female borelii lay eggs without fertilization by a male
in the
	>  presence of males in the tank?

	They CAN, but the likelyhood is small.  Sometimes males loose all
	quickly.  I sometimes think they share the genes for fathering
instincts with 
	a certain bipedal mammalian species that has somehow spread its
	habitat all around the world in spite of it.

	I am lucky to have a mutant male species of these bipedal mammals.
He spawns on a regular basis despite his mutation.

	>  2. who should care for eggs - female alone or both parents?

	Depends on the size of the tank.  Over 30 gallons, it is usually
safe to 
	leave the male in the tank.  15-30 gallons, it's about 50/50.  Ten
	tanks, definitely pull the male.

	It is 10 gallon, but female is about 1/3 the size of a male and so
far did not try to harass him. I will pull the male steindachneri for sure.
He is a nice specimen, it is pity he has to stay alone without a mate...  SO
far, he has not been aggressive at all, just poking his head out of his cave
to scare fish coming too close, but never tried to defend a larger

	Mine won't breed unless I get the water soft and pH set at around
6.2.  I've 
	heard folks say they have spawned them at 8 DH and 7.8 pH, so YMMV.

	Mine are at pH 7, and water of medium softness, 50 ppm whatever it


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