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Re: Borelii 'yellow point' spawn

In a message dated 8/18/00 9:28:35 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
Lilia.Stepanova@stjude.org writes:

>   It is 10 gallon, but female is about 1/3 the size of a male and so
>  far did not try to harass him. 

Trust me, if she becomes aggressive size won't mean a thing.  She can still 
kill him.  Borellii tend to be less aggressive than other Apistos, but ten 
gallons is pretty small.  If for no other reason, remove all unnecessary fish 
to help keep nitrate build-up to a minimum.

> I will pull the male steindachneri for sure.
>  He is a nice specimen, it is pity he has to stay alone without a mate...  
>  far, he has not been aggressive at all, just poking his head out of his 
>  to scare fish coming too close, but never tried to defend a larger
>  territory. 

I think John Wubbolt mentioned on the cichlid trader a day or two ago that he 
has some females.  Maybe you can work out a deal.  
 >  Mine won't breed unless I get the water soft and pH set at around
>  6.2.  I've 
>   heard folks say they have spawned them at 8 DH and 7.8 pH, so YMMV.
>   Mine are at pH 7, and water of medium softness, 50 ppm whatever it
>  means.

50 ppm is around 3 degrees.  It means that for every kilogram of water there 
is 50 milligrams of calcium, or the equivalent number of molecules of other 
+2 ions.  That's probably more than you wanted to know.  Just appreciate that 
50 ppm is considered soft.

Bob Dixon
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