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Re: The perfect d.c. book?

        I guess I'm somewhat the closet purist.  I would like most of the
things already mentioned; color photos, proper ID's, etc.  I would also love
to hear about where they are found. Sure, most apistos are blackwater fish
(Or spend a good deal of time in a black water environment).  But, are all
blackwaters the same?  What was the pH, temp, conductivity?  What other fish
fish are routinely collected along with them?  So on and so forth.  Since
this is just a fantasy at the moment, let's make it the "all inclusive"
lexicon of everything you could ever want to know, plus some things you
really didn't.
        My suggestions to make all of the above happen are as follows: Make
plans to publish such a book. Take advanced orders.  Go to S.A., with the
monies received from said advanced orders, and collect them yourself and
write the book as you go.  Take ME as carry-on luggage!!!  :)  Shouldn't
need to be down there for more than a couple years, for Volume 1 anyway.
        With summer ending and fall knocking on the door, it will not be
long before another Ohio winter is upon me.  But, it would be summer in the
Southern Hemisphere...what a better place to be.

May all of your dreams become reality (Read: Do the Book!!!),
Ken Roese...Commercial Point, Ohio

Never argue with an idiot.  They'll drag you down to their level, then beat
you with experience!

At 02:57 PM 8/20/00 -0600, you wrote:
>I must have too much time on my hands. My mind has
>been wandering(wondering?). I'd like to hear
>opinions on what you would have in the "perfect
>dwarf cichlid book". Lots of text? Lots of photos?
>On CD as well as hard copies? Let you ideas go
>wild! No, I have no plans right now, but maybe in
>the future...
>Mike Wise

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