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Re: Cyclop-eeze one more time.

        I have used it with no problems for dorsigers, rams, kribensis, A.
thomasi, cory cats, and angels with no problems. They were a little slow at
first, just kinda picking at it.  But with each feeding they got more
aggressive towards it.  I also supplemented with Micro Worms and frozen bbs
just to give them a little variety.  I just sprinkled it on the water
surface, aften putting clumps in a zip lock and taking the rolling pin to
it, and let it settle down through the water. 
Good Luck,
Ken Roese

At 08:59 AM 8/22/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>Sorry that I'm bringing up Cyclop-eeze again.
>This food just doesn't work for me.I tried everything Listmembers suggested
>to get the fry used to it.My fish wont eat it, period.I watched them
>spitting it out again this morning. I ended up buying another one pound can
>of BBS eggs .Let me know if you had better luck with it.
>My zwei Pfennige

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