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Re: Cyclop-eeze one more time.

Some one in my fish club wanted to try it so he had to call the company but 
he had to buy a case of them. He ended up selling all but 3 of them at our 
last meeting. I have some and have feed it to some fry I bought at an 
auction, 3 angels, 6 killies(F1), 1 runt appisto i have from a recent spawn, 
and 2 rosy barbs(an accident) So far i have not seen any significant change 
in behavior or collor and i dont know how fast they are acctually suposed to 
grow so the results are in conclusive at this time.  I feed my mixing some in 
with the water and it is taken with great joy. I also feed BBS and some 
ground up flakes. 

Capt'n PATS

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