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Re: Nitrate levels.

In a message dated 8/23/00 7:48:13 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
rgrenfell@snet.net writes:

<< Do you think that 15ppm is too high for fry?  


I wouldn't think so.  But if you can keep it lower, I would do so.  I manage 
8-10 ppm  with my best growth rate fry.  The other option is that they aren't 
getting the amount of food they need.  

>I fed them 3 times a day and siphoned off anything that settled (the
>worms   are kinda hard to see though).     

If you are feeding live freshwater-compatible live foods, it isn't necessary 
to siphon it off right away.  I would try to give the fry several hours to 
eat what they want.  You will also find that they grow better on brine 
shrimp, daphnia, or cyclops than microworms.  However, microworms can be 
critically important in getting very small fry up to a size where they can 
eat the other stuff.


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