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Re: Winter on the Amazon

Let me palpitate in the subject.

As Vinny said, almost the totality of the rains in Amazon is generated
there, but if you look at the map of South America, many of the tributary of
the Amazonas river are born out of the limits of Amazon and there are the
rains in the heads of these rivers, as well at north (in Guyana's mountains)
as in south that take good part of the waters that provoke the periodic
floods in the area. Those rains are derived of Atlantic's coming humidity,
to the south (Central Brazil) they are less abundant because the humidity is
retained in the coast, on north the humidity is discharged in the Guyana's
mountains and from there taken to Amazon. It is still the defrost in Andes
that feeds the Amazonas river, and responde for other great portion of the

At least it is what remember my classes on the subject (eons ago)


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