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Good Disease Books?

Does anyone know of a good book on fish diseases. Of primary importance 
is a text which is:
1 Accurate
2 Recent (many books appear to be quite old - and we all know a bit 
about disease immunity don't we?)
3 In depth.

Money is, of course, an important factor but I'd prefer to spend a lot 
of money on a good book than spend less money and find that the book is 
useless. The only book on the subject that I could find at Amazon.co.uk 
was titled Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment by Edward Noga printed 
by the Iowa State University Press, priced at 59.40 (approx. $80).Not 
having heard of the guy (I don't remember if I looked at the publishing 
date), I was reluctant to buy. Any comments or alternatives out there. I 
like to read up on subjects but am finding it difficult to find much 
info. which isn't to some extent, based on hearsay or rumour.
I hope someone answers, even if to say " sorry, never heard of him 


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