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Re: **Pricing**

> >  like A.cacatuoides but the price i see them for are a little
> >  steep($14.00 apiece)But the A.agassizzii that I did buy where much

>you are lucky you can even find them.


well, here's a funny (?) anecdote from Sweden! I have just started up a 
aquarium, havn't had one since I was a teenager (some 15 years ago) so my 
knowledge about fishspecies wasn't exactly up to date. Thought I'd go and 
buy some A.agassizzis and did so (costed around $30 for 1 male and 2 
fem's). Then I started comparing the new fishies with some pictures and 
found out that I had not bought any Agassizzis at all - it was 
Cacatuoides... but I think I will stick with them :)


/Magnus Cassersjö
_-~ Time is the grease of the great fryingpan of life ~-_

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