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Re: **Pricing**

In a message dated 9/6/2000 6:07:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
deniro21@webtv.net writes:

> I've been interested in apisto's for awhile but could never really find
>  any.My question is....What is a good price for apisto's? Now I really
>  like A.cacatuoides but the price i see them for are a little
>  steep($14.00 apiece)But the A.agassizzii that I did buy where much
>  cheaper($1.49@).Just curious if this was about the same in other area's.
>  Also when i bought the A.agassizzii,I also bought the contaminants which
>  turned out to be A.hongsloi and A.commbrae.
>  P.S.
>  I live in Cleveland Ohio if this matters.

you are lucky you can even find them.  

here in nyc, at a local chain (a horrible chain which shall remain nameless) 
you sometimes find no-name apistos, usually ortmanni or steindachneri (i 
haven't figured them out yet), or the "opal borelli" (but they never put a 
name to them, just "apisto" or "wild apisto"), sometimes for $1.49 each.  the 
catch is, no females ever.  

there's another, more famous store which will get you cacatuoides, agassizis, 
borellis, viejita, panduro etc. for $49.99 a pair!!!!!

the above is based on my experience with manhattan stores.  although i live 
in brooklyn, i don't have a car to get around so i don't know about the local 
brooklyn stores, although there are many of them.  some stores deal with 
importers and could probably get apistos if you ask them but i don't have 
experience in doing so.   

tsuh yang chen, nyc, USA

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