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Re: Ram Fry

You can't _believe_ how envious I am of all this talk about breeding 
rams etc., Where I am (Spain) the chances of getting a good quality pair 
of rams is like getting Mike Ditka to say someting nice:). I have 800+ 
litres of aquaria (500, 300 and +/-80) waiting for something even 
remotely interesting. All the rams I've seen have been Singapore bred 
and almost certainly all male (and sterile?):(. I can't get a decent 
cacatoo for God's sake! The only cichlids available are either Rift 
Valley fish, Angels or Discus (and they're, almost without exception, in 
poor condition). Oh well, I've just got to keep trying I suppose.
Enough of my gripes.
C:(lin (feeling pretty sorry for myself)

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