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Re: APR by Ocean Star

In a message dated 13/09/00 07:04:15 GMT Daylight Time, nfn09322@naples.net 

> One
>  problem is that they sink. I, too, have seen fry starving, with thousands 
>  microworms available, because they stayed up in the water column, or even 
>  the surface edge of the water as if they were trying to get out. An old
>  aquarist trick is to simply lower the water level to an inch or so for the
>  first few days. 

I use 24" tanks with about 2" water depth initially as thats what a heater 
and an air operated sponge filter can work in.  I find the presance of a 
mature sponge filter really helps get good survival rates early on for 
several reasons; 
1. the amount of infusoria it supports (the fry really like to feed/shoal 
over its surface)
2. the water quality it helps maintain (although I do 30-50% daily water 
changes too) and 3. the gentle turbulence helps keep the microworm suspended 
in the water column.
After about 2 weeks I start to deepen the water to a target depth of 14" by 
day 28.

After all the pro Java Moss comments on the group though I'm trying that with 
the next batch of fry i have (Dicrossus maculatus)

Alan W

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