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Re: Apisto sp. "Cara Pintada"


Take a second look at Randy's picture, mainly focus on the caudal peduncle
spot and to a lesser degree on the caudal fin pattern. The "Winkelfleck"
has a more irregular and rounded spot than "Masken". Also, the caudal
peduncle spot in the "Masken" Apisto runs almost from top to bottom. The
caudal fin in the "Masken" only has, predominantly (I say this because a
few fish show more), 2 or 3 visible vertical bands while the Winkelfleck
has it almost entirely banded. 

I just run downstairs to check on the angled spots shown in Randy's
picture. I could see a few young males showing the same spots (lines). I
took another look at Ingo's article and the picture of A. sp. "Masken" in
pg 46 also shows 1 spot well defined and another, more faint towards the
caudal peduncle.  Comments?


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