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Re: cucarachas

I'll answer on the list, because these things happen around aquariums. I
remember my lovely new apartment, and my discovery of the neighbours in
the wallpaper... I had a landlord who sprayed without informing us after
entering the apt illegally. I lost a lot of fish, especially as it took
me a week to find out why. That was a worst case scenario, and I lost
all my surface fish. Still, the bottom dwellers were unaffected.
Later, with plastic covered tanks (tight) and the filters turned off to
not suck in air, I had zero mortality.
A friend with a huge set-up and exotic roaches from his importations
had the exterminator use a paste type bait. Within a week, the place,
which had been crawling, was relatively roach free. His fish had no
problems with that stuff, but while effective, I think it cost more.
Good luck and check your cornflakes...

dominic stones wrote:

> I must apologise in advance for this rather tenuously linked topic,
> but I need help. My home has recently become the target of a cockroach
> invasion. It looks like my landlord is going to have to spray, and I
> was wondering what I should do to protect my fish. I called the pest
> control guys, but they were not particularly helpful. Has anyone been
> through anything like this? What did you do? All of my aquariums are
> in my basement. They range in size from 2 to 130 gallons. Some are
> sponge filtered, others cannister and/or wet-dry. Are there particular
> chemicals they might use that would be more dangerous? Since this
> isn't a particularly apisto-linked topic, please feel free to send me
> any suggestions etc at my email. Thanks to all Dominic
> Stonesapisto@planeteer.com

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