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Low pH?

Quick question on maintaining a low pH:

I've got a tankful (~7 in a 58G) of Dicrossus sp. "Rio Negro" that 
are nearly adult.  I keep them in peat-filtered DI water, 
ammonia/nitrate 0, blah blah blah.  From what I've read, these fish 
can tolerate (and in fact might thrive) at even lower pH's, maybe in 
the general vicinity of 4.0.

(1) What's the best way to test pH that low?  Most colorimetric tests 
seem to bottom out at 5.5 or 6.0.

(2) What's the best way to BUFFER a pH that low?  The last thing I'd 
want is a really unstable 4.0, since my water hardness (DI) is nearly 


Stuart Hall

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