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Re: cucarachas

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> Since this isn't a particularly apisto-linked topic, please feel free to 
> me any suggestions etc at my email.

Sure it is.  It threatens your apistos, doesn't it?

You need to stretch plastic wrap over all your tanks.  SaranWrap will work, 
or any other plastic sheeting.  Gurantee a seal with tape all around.  This 
means you will have to remove airlines, heaters, and anything else that keeps 
the plastic from sealing completely.  After sealing the tanks, you place all 
the lids and striplights that rest on the tops of the tanks in sealed 
plastic, or remove them from the premises.  Heaters et al. as well.  The fish 
will survive a day or so with Saran wrap over the tops.  Heavier plastic 
needs to be put on a few hours before the bug asasins arrive and removed as 
soon as you can get back into the house.

Bob Dixon
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