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RE: cucarachas


Get some air pumps and lengths of airline tubing long enough to reach
outside to clean(er) air.  You may also need an electrical extension lead.

Position the airpump outside to draw in clean air. Connect up the airline
tubing and run it through a window or somehow to the tank.  Put the end of
the airline into the tank, but not necessarily below the water.  If you are
running any air-driven filters on the tank turn them off.  Unless you had a
large volume of air to sweep over with, I'd be tempted to turn off the

Cover the tanks with plastic sheets to prevent mist settling onto the tank.
The pump should provide enough clean air to constantly sweep the top of the
water and stop the pesticide fumes from reaching the water.  The pumps and
airline needed will depend on the size and number of tanks and the capacity
of the airpumps.  Personally I used as many pumps as I could lay my hands


Steve W

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I must apologise in advance for this rather tenuously linked topic, but I
need help.

My home has recently become the target of a cockroach invasion. It looks
like my landlord is going to have to spray, and I was wondering what I
should do to protect my fish. I called the pest control guys, but they were
not particularly helpful. Has anyone been through anything like this? What
did you do?

All of my aquariums are in my basement. They range in size from 2 to 130
gallons. Some are sponge filtered, others cannister and/or wet-dry. Are
there particular chemicals they might use that would be more dangerous?

Since this isn't a particularly apisto-linked topic, please feel free to
send me any suggestions etc at my email.

Thanks to all

Dominic Stones

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