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rams and cloudy water

all my rams seem to have a nice appetite for their eggs.  i always thought 
that the loss of parental instinct was a result of years of domestic 
breeding but people on the list seem to have no trouble getting ram parents 
to rear their own young.  why is this so?

and also, i had a bare ten gallon tank set up with three a. cacatoides in 
it.  they were very uncomfortable and just cowered in the corners all day 
until i added gravel and a few plants in the tank.  they were happy as can 
be.  however, a day after i added the gravel and put in the power filter, 
the water clouded up and has remained clouded ever since for a week and a 
half already.  clouding for a few days is natural in a new set up but not 
for this long!  does anyone know what is the matter?  i have done a 25% 
water change everyday with no improvement in water clarity.  the apistos 
seem to be happy though because the clouds provide them with cover but i'm 
not because i can't see them!  the only other residents are five dither 
zebra danios and the pH is 6.6. any help or suggestions would be 

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