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Re: Hydra in Borelli tank?

    Every once and a while we all get hydra in our fry tanks due to 
overfeeding of live BBS. I asked Delores Schehr of Wet Thumb Aquatics in New 
Baltimore, MI some years ago about it's cure. Her answer was "Fluke-Tabs" 
from Aquarium Products. I have used them ever since; probably 5 years now. I 
most often use 1/2 tablet for a 10 gallon tank but am sure that would be 
enough for your 15g. Just crush it very finely over the surface of the water 
with your fingers and in only a few hours the hydra will all be dead. I have 
NEVER had any problems with the fry or adults in the tank. I have a short 
article about this on my web pages.

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