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RE: Shrimp & Hair algae

	Thank you very much for the info on the shrimp. I wonder if what my LFS
calls mole shrimp are really amano shrimp... I will have to find some
pictures of amano shrimp on the web and compare. Do you know where I can
find some good pictures?
	I am not sure if discussing time management is appropriate for this email
list. So send me an email at emartina1@hotmail.com and we can talk about it
"in private".

Eric Martina

>i hope i could help you out but now, i have to ask you a question...
>how do you maintain your budget, spend your time wisely, keep from being
>distracted, AND maintain your tanks the same time?  i am a student as well
>and boy, is it difficult!  but it's worth the challenge!
>uc berkeley

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