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Re: high ph in B'more city water

Max writes:

> On a side note:I'm very puzzled about my tapwater.The ph measured a whopping
>  8.3 this morning,its normally ph 7.4(Baltimore city water).I thought it had
>  something to do with the plumbing in my house,but the tapwater at work 
>  city water)had a ph of 8.3 also.Anybody from the B'more area out there who
>  knows what's going on?

That sounds like a normal drop for tapwater that has been stripped of its CO2 
content.  Once it is out of the plumbing, it is exposed to the atmosphere.  
It picks up some CO2, converts some of it to carbonic acid, and bada-bing, 
bada-boom!  A pH about a full point lower.  Don't worry about it.

Bob Dixon

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