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Re: Sterilizing tank

In a message dated 10/17/00 7:52:51 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
emartina@uiuc.edu writes:

> Yep, that is my problem. When I added the acid to the gravel it looked as
>  though I put vinegar into baking soda! I bought the tank (and gravel) used,
>  so I don't know what type of gravel it is. It looks like just your normal
>  natural colored gravel. What type should I get so that I do not have this
>  problem again?

You can buy the epoxy-coated stuff from your FLS, or visit the local rock 
pits with your acid and a glass jar in hand.  Or you can find creative places 
to find granite chips, like a local stonemason/graemarker store.  I am 
fortunate in that I live in a primarily vulcanic area, and the river gravel 
from the local quarry is all igneous.  I've thought about sandblasting 
medium, and depending on where you live you might be able to get something 
called Tex-blast, which is very dark in color.  Everything around here is 
white or nearly so.
>  Another, somewhat unrelated question. What type of store would carry CO2
>  tanks?

Welding supply houses are the best bet.  CO2 fire extinguishers seem to have 
gone out of vogue, but maybe a store specializing in fire protection 
equipment may be able to set you up with a 15 pounder.

Bob Dixon

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