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Re: cloudy water

In a message dated 10/17/00 8:31:23 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
el_boy@hotmail.com writes:

> the water is siphon off is green/brown, and smells fishy.  
>  this makes me think that algae/bacteria is present in the water in 
>  large amounts.  

Cut way back on your feeding  quantities.  For a while be really concientious 
about siphoning out food that stays longer than thirty minutes.  It should 
all be gone in like ten, anyway.  The smell is cyanobacteria (blue-green 
algae) and the color is a mix of that and other algaes feeding off the excess 
nutrients in the tank.  Also be careful with the cyanobacteria.  It is toxic 
to mammals.  Wash your hands after you mess around in the tank.  It can make 
you sick.  Some people are also sensitive to it and break out in rashes from 

And keep up the water changes until you get the amount of nutrients reduced.

Bob Dixon
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