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SA noncichlid question


Just saw something at the LFS that was weird and South American 
(though non-cichlid) and wondered if anyone on the list were familiar 
with it.

They've got these large (oh, 5-6" SL) predatory SA wild-caught gobies 
that they ordered under the name "Water Cows".  The dominant fish in 
the tank has dark flanks and belly and an ivory-colored top.  They're 
kind of interesting looking; the non-dominant specimens are sort of 
taupe with dark-grey dots all over.

Does this ring ANY bells at all?  I looked in Baensch's atlas, and 
the only thing it looked like was supposedly a predatory W. African 
goby.  Since these came in from a S. Am. catch . . . well, does 
anyone recognize the name "water cow"?

Shot in the dark.  Sorry for the noncichlid post.

Is there a goby list?  :)

Stuart Hall

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