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A. biteiniata (sp?)

  I picked up a reverse trio of A. biteiniata (spelling?) - I meant to
get 2f and 1m, but it didn't turn out that way.  They're still young -
about 1.5" for the one m.  That guy is the dominant one, and he's in a
10 gal with the female.  I did have the three of them in the ten until
I found out that I had 2 males - the other's in my 35 gal plant tank.

  Anyway, on to my question...  My dominant male is bright yellow with
a dark spot at the center of his body - much like female breeding
dress.  She was in similar coloring about a week and a half ago when
the three of them were still together, but no fry came of it.  She is
in quite drab coloring, and is chased quite often.  What I am wondering
is if the male is wanting to spawn, and she just isn't ready.  He looks
like a female with a brood, but no black, except that spot.  Shouldn't
he be showing his wonderful coloring - the blues and greens, nice
stripes?  the black mark on his caudul peduncle does extend into his
tail, where on the female doesn't.

A little long-winded, I know, but I hope some light can be shed on my


J. Miller
Edmonton, AB, Can.

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