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Re: Isocrysis ?

I have had success with Paragon Liqui-fresh (before BBS).  Anyone having success with this?

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From: Szalies Jean-Marc
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 4:38 AM
To: 'apisto@listbox.com'
Subject: Isocrysis ?

saw an add for live food: "isocrysis"

usefull for ram fry ???
I have infusorias and BBS and intend to order microworms.
But I'm still looking for the best food for the first few days, before BBS.

BTW, rams are rewarding !
I had 7 times eggs laid without any free-swimming result.
For the first time I have ;))))
Wow, I have quite good experience with cichlids, but seeing those 2 little
rams with more than 100 little ones... and seeing them so sure they are the
masters in the tank, dominating from guppy to the agazis couple, waow...
never had such a rewarding sight with any fry ;)))))

But, I'm beginning to think that 100litres is somewhat short for them...

conductivity about 200S, pH about 7.7 (yes, and I'm peat filtering...), t
laid eggs in a hole in ground (1-2 days), transfered larvaes in a flower pot
free swimming (mother now help father, didn't seem to care before free swim)

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