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RE: Isocrysis ?

I have liquizell, a greenish thing used to feed BBS.
don't dare to use it, I open it with my teeth (OK, should have gone for
scissors) and had a salty
tast in mouth, so I guess it full of salt.
Now that my conductivity is 100S, I don't want to put any salt therein as
you can think.

does anyone know what are the salt content of usual frozen food ?
I mean, I guess BBS are full of salt (so I don't give them frozen anymore
but I rince them with RO water) but
what about cyclops, red worms, micro-plancton, daphnia, ... ?
should I rince them also or are they salt free ?

> -----Original Message-----
> From:	B Z [SMTP:kasseen10@hotmail.com]
> I have had success with Paragon Liqui-fresh (before BBS).  Anyone having
> success with this?
> Bonny
> 	----- Original Message -----
> 	From: Szalies Jean-Marc
> 	saw an add for live food: "isocrysis"
> 	usefull for ram fry ???
> 	I have infusorias and BBS and intend to order microworms.
> 	But I'm still looking for the best food for the first few days,
> before BBS.
> 	BTW, rams are rewarding !
> 	I had 7 times eggs laid without any free-swimming result.
> 	For the first time I have ;))))
> 	Wow, I have quite good experience with cichlids, but seeing those 2
> little
> 	rams with more than 100 little ones... and seeing them so sure they
> are the
> 	masters in the tank, dominating from guppy to the agazis couple,
> waow...
> 	never had such a rewarding sight with any fry ;)))))
> 	But, I'm beginning to think that 100litres is somewhat short for
> them...
> 	conductivity about 200S, pH about 7.7 (yes, and I'm peat
> filtering...), t
> 	30C
> 	laid eggs in a hole in ground (1-2 days), transfered larvaes in a
> flower pot
> 	(3days)
> 	free swimming (mother now help father, didn't seem to care before
> free swim)

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