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Dicrossus "Rio Negro"

Ohmygosh, I think I might have just spawned them.

Can you believe it?

80ish% DI water, 20% Houston tapwater, a Carbo-Plus CO2 thingy . . . 
bloodworms, beef heart, filtering over peat, pH 5.0 . . . LOW LOW LOW 

I've got a female with bright red ventral fins who's very protective 
of the underside of a leaf.  I can't quite see the back of the leaf, 
but if I recall the discussion correctly, often the freshly-spawned 
female's ventrals will be deep red.  She'd had a single line (along 
the lateral line) recently, no checks; now it's back to some checks 
with the ventrals.


I'm scared to look behind the leaf!

Stuart Hall

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