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Re: Dicrossus Filamentosus

In a message dated 10/12/00 06:02:20 GMT Standard Time, BigJohnW@webtv.net 

> Question here is:  Do they do better in
>  pairs, trios or groups.   Which is the better way to set the up for
>  spawning.   

I've always bred them in pairs (mainly because they are expensive fish).  
They are fine kept in med-soft water but NEED very soft water to breed - mine 
was at 0.25 DH hardness and pH 4.8.  Lots of frozen bloodworm did the trick 
with conditioning (although the extremely soft water is most important)

For an open spawner the eggs take a long time to hatch, are succeptable to 
fungus and the fry are also slow to get to free swimming but fortunately the 
female does a very good job of caring for the eggs.  The fry are small (right 
on the bottom end of sifted brineshrimp range - I fed them microworm) slow 
growing and very sensitive to water quality.

My female killed the male when the fry became free swimming, so just hoping 
there is a male in this brood of fry.

Alan W

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