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I just thought that I would keep you all updated. I'm involved in the
largest non-commercial Apistogramma borellii breeding project I've ever
seen. I've got five 25 gallons of these cranking out clutches of eggs at a
rate of almost one a day. I've got eight 20 gallon rearing tanks set up
with a clutch in each. This shall be fun. I have to get them to grow as
fast as possible, water changes daily with three feedings per day. If you
wonder why a hobbyist would dedicate so much time to this (almost a full
time job), it's my honours BSc thesis. Anyone have any thoughts on how
long it will take for these fish to reach a size that will show sexaul
dimorphism? Any biologists out there have any idea whether sex can be
determined upon dissection if they are not sexually mature? I am
investigating environmental sex determination by pH and temperature, (and
reproductive behaviour in the P generation). 

Kind regards,

Jonathan Fung... Reef Geek
Dalhousie University Honours Marine Biology
Aqua Creations Inc. Assistant Manager
writer for Marine Fish Monthly 
email: fung@is2.dal.ca

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