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RE: Borelli Thesis

.....is there a reason why I shouldn't take offense at this note?  Apisto people aren't considered scientific enough for who or what....or can't appreciate what????..................I'll just kind of assume I missed something and not get upset with Mr. Scientific Peter........................
Mike Jacobs  Math Instructor
Center for Advanced Technologies
St Pete, Fl

>>> Liptrot, Pete<pete.liptrot@bolton.gov.uk> 12/15/00 07:01AM >>>
I think a good forum for you to introduce this project to would be the
Cichlid-l. This is a more scientifically based discussion list primarily on
Cichlid systematics, buut other research projects would be welcomed, and I'm
sure some of the list members could advise you on structure and technique.
For contact details see below.
If you have any problems get back to me.
Pete Liptrot, Bolton Museum, Art Gallery and Aquarium
Aquarium Department Tel.no.01204 332200


Write to  LISTSERV@NIC.MUSEUM.ORG and, in  the text of your  message (not
the subject line), write: SUBSCRIBE CICHLID-L

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