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RE: Borelli Thesis

>....is there a reason why I shouldn't take offense at >this note?  Apisto
people aren't considered scientific >enough for who or what....or can't
appreciate >what????..................I'll just kind of assume I >missed
something and not get upset with Mr. Scientific

Whoa! Did I mis-phrase something?
Under no circumstances would I malign the people on this list who
collectively represent some of the most intelligent and enthusiastic
aquarists I've ever encountered, whatever their academic background.
I encourage people wherever possible to join these lists as the best method
I've ever found for sharing information from many different disciplines.
I myself do not have an academic background, I'm strictly an aquarist, but I
find the Cichlid-l a fascinating forum in addition to the Apisto list, and
there are people on that list who would be really interested to hear about
I think scientists have just as much, if not more, to learn from aquarists
as vice-versa, and whenever possible I try to push this. 

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