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Re: Blue Ram food?

Live blood worms will get their appetite going for sure.  I feed mine frozen.  I don't always like what I see when I buy the live blood worms (sometimes picking up strange stuff).  With the frozen - even if they spit it out, they still get the "juices" that they need.  And then they will eventually eat them whole.  They like to chew and take their sweet time, which is sometimes very annoying to me.  Hope this helps.

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From: conwayte
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2000 6:56 AM
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Subject: Re: Blue Ram food?

Frozen? freeze dried? live?

I have been trying to get them to eat freezedried blood worms, basically
the staple food for all my fish, and they seem very reluctant to go to
the surface and get them.




>In my experience, Rams are more grazers - they like to eat off the bottom.
> I feed mine blood worms and Natures's Delica (blood worms or water fleas)
>- sometimes BBS.
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>From: conwayte
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>Subject: Blue Ram food?
>I notice that my Blue Rams seem to prefer to look for food on the bottom,
>Any suggestions as to what type of food is preferable for Blue Rams?
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