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Crenicichla Regani Update

Thanks to all those who replied, and I am sorry to say I have not been able
to take any pictures for ID assistance...

...anyway, my fish certainly aren't Regani.  Certainly of the Lugubris goup,
making them considerably larger and, ...er.."robust".

When I made my first post, the pikes were still pretty shy and spending
almost all the time out of sight.  But it's always the quiet ones who end up
spoiling the party, and these guys were no exception.  After a 76hr
settling-in period, there was a marked deterioration of aquarium manners,
and a startlingly rapid loss of my (up till now) clever and quick dithers.

As they say on CNN, clashes continued for the third consecutive night, and
refugees were flocking to neighbouring community tanks. My Firemouths and
Salvins remained in the disputed territory on red alert, but even they were
seeking some kind of peacekeeping third-party intervention before talks
completely broke down.

The pikes are now with a friend who has a spare tank and a thing for
piscivores.  But netting those two fish was a good four-hour endeavour, and
required a major strip down of tank ornamentation.  The whole episode has
left my Firemouths dusted with ich.  Not the white Christmas I was hoping

I was also concerned about moving my apistos to a refugee tank with water
parameters and tankmates not suited to them.

Predictably, I have had my biggest apisto spawn ever.  Research? Pfft..

Rich Moore
North London  

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