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FW: RAM fry and Holiday Vacation

1st -- Thanks to all on this list...after months of effort, I have a
beautiful cloud of ram fry!!

Of course, the twist is that I will be away for all day Sunday and Monday
(home Monday pm) and don't have any good options for someone to come feed
the fry.  Any suggestions?

Here's the details...
SETUP:  20gal high, large air driven sponge filter (mature), gravel & rocks,
Java moss & fern, drift wood, light algae typical on glass, 1 otto, female
German ram & male gold German, 78-80 degF, pH 6.8, 2-4 degGH
- 48hrs eggs hatched & parents moved from rock to leaf
- 120hrs parents moved belly-wigglers to filter for daylight then leaf for
- 132hrs (today) fry are free swimming, tried feeding dissolved egg yoke
(cooked...) with unknown results (the parents were not happy to have the
pipette show up)

2 more days then 2 days alone!!

J Sullivan

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