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Re: Hatching Brine Shrimp

In a message dated 28/12/00 06:24:59 GMT Standard Time, BigJohnW@webtv.net 

>   So my recomendation is to try using marine salts. 

I'll echo John on this, I use marine salt mix at 3tsp per litre at 80 F the 
nauplii live longer at the higher pH given by marine salt v's tank salt. I've 
also found San Fransisco Bay brand eggs fairly good (90% in 24hrs), and the 
small size was very good for Dicrossus filamentosa fry.

I usually use 'blanket bombing' of microworm for most first fry broods (they 
last in the water for much longer and so are safer fed to excess) for almost 
all my dwarfs.

Alan W

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