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Nannacara Aureocephalus

Hey everyone

I have a few questions here.   This summer i picked up a bunch of young
Nannacara Aureocephalus at the Fish Place in North Tonowanda NY, not
having kept them before i wasnt sure on sexing them.    Now 6 months
later i have adult size fish and am pretty sure of the sexes of the 8
fish i picked up.  I think i have 4 M 4 F, good guessing then i think.   

Up until now they had all been in a large grow out community tank with
some C. Regani, Apisto Gibbiceps and N. Transvestitus.   I finally
pulled a large pair out of the tank and set them up for breeding.  

My question here is, how much like N Anomola are these guys like when it
comes to breeding conditions??   The female has taken on the dark
checkerboard pattern and the male seems to hover over her alot.   How
peaceful are they when breeding.  I know that if you remove the Male N
Anomala, the female will normally kill him in a small 10 gallon tank.
Will this happen with N Aureocephalus??   Is the Checkerboard pattern a
precurser to spawning or could it be stress too???   

I really have come to love these guys, the colors in the males are
awesome, patterns in the females are cool too.   I like these much
better then i do my Anomala.     Hope i have just as much luck breeding
them as i did Anomala!!   Any experiences you can share will be
appreciated.     Hey Zman, give me a few pointers, i think these are
your fish to start with anyways!!! lol

Little John

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