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Dwarf cichlids in general

I have to agree that talking about westies on this list isnt bad.   We
generally lump westies in with SA dwarf cichlids because they have the
same water requiements.   I know there's a list for west africans, but
come on guys, no one is going to die if we talk Taeniatus on this list
as well as Apistos.   We discuss Dicrossus, Nanacara and dwarf
Crenichila, we discuss dithers from killies to livebearers to tetras and
also discuss tank scavengers, Ie corys and pleco type fish.   You won't
hear me complaining about an off topic remark or question.    

Oh Mike Jacobs, it has been 6 months since we discussed my night of
drinking those Blue bottles, thanks for reminding me.    And seeing as i
work days now, i dont even need Hot Cocoa or diet pepsi anymore before
answering any posts, not in my grumpy i just got out of bed mood at 4pm
.     Im not even grumpy even though i just turned 40 yesterday!!   They
say you get grumpier with older age, we'll find out.

And one more thing , an actual good post here. 
I have Nanacara Aureocephalus eggs that are two days old and still good,
Mom is doing a good job guarding them keeping dad away.   Im gonna let
them raise the fry once they hatch before i decide to see if i need to
pull dad.   Are these guys both good parents??   Zman?   Did you leave
both fish in the tank with the fry?

Well time to go back to lurking, 

Little John
( Drinker of Blue Goob At ACA conventions, I just hope Mike Schadle dont
bring any to NJ)

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