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My First Apisto Fry - A Couple of Questions

Hi All,

I have a large Cacatuoides spawn, now around 10 days 
old.  It was unplanned, unexpected, and frankly I am a 
little under-prepared. May I pick your brains?

May I ask...

How frequently I should be feeding? (I am currently 
using fozen decapsulated baby brine shrimp, with a little 
ground flake (total c.15ml), syringed into the brooding 
corner once a day.

Should I at any point separate the male?

At what ages should I expect significant milestones (eg 
taking larger foods, the cessation of parental care, able 
to sex)?

Any advice on any of the above, or a steer towards an 
existing archive, would be greatly appreciated (by both 
myself and the fry).

My thanks and warm regards

Rich Moore
North London

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