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Nanacara Aureocephalus

Well folks I had to share this with someone.   I now have wigglers that
Mom is guarding.   She moved them from the original spawning site to
inside a small flower pot.   Mom isnt beating up dad , nor is dad making
any attempt to eat the wigglers, so far!!!   Keeping my fingers crossed.
It would be nice to have them turn out to be really good parents.   

Now the Next good news,  Looks like a have a bonding pair of Crenicichla
Regani.   I have 2 males and 3 females in a large community tank, and
two have been hanging out together for the last 3 days, female is
getting larger in abdomen area but hasnt turned red yet.   Would it be
wise now to move them to their own tank or should i wait a bit longer to
see what happens?

And on top of all this, you should see the pair of Nanochromis
Transvestitus coloring up in that same tank as the Regani!!   

I need more tanks, i guess 75 isnt enough any more!!   Oh no!!!!!!


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