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Re: Rams for Chatanooga

From: Colin Gorton
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 2:39 AM

> I have been in quite regular contact with a plant keeper
> in Chatanooga TN who would like to join this list but
> hasn't been able...
> The principle thing she is having trouble locating any
> Rams in her area and she's also looking for Cacatoos /
> Apistos...

Gave up Rams for a short while due to space limitations, but the lease is
almost up, now.

In the meantime, I have some pertensis maturing out. She's welcome to a pair
once they sex and bond - if I'm lucky enough to get 2 pr from 6 fish ;-)
Otherwise, she's welcome to stragglers if there aren't.

Hmm...this gives me a chance to separate about 5 or so H. rhodostomus from
the school of bleheri in my 55 if she'd like some larger dithers or, more
likely, a community addition.

> She asked me for anybody within 24hrs delivery
> time because of fears about the cold etc.

How 'bout 24 _minutes_, max?

...it's spelled with 2 "t"s -



David A. Youngker

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